Monday, September 28, 2009

Sabatur Pro Audio visists Sonor Drums

Dick Turcotte from Sabatur Pro Audio recently visited Sonor Drums in Virginia for Sonor Certification. While there, Dick was able to check out the new Phil Rudd Signature Series kit. So let's see what Dick had to say about this rig:

Dick Turcotte:

"First glance at this kit made me think... Oh my god! Look at the size of those toms! A 13X12.5 rack tom, 16X16 & 18X16 Floor tom. This thing brought me back to the "80's big drums" and I was in heaven!

Now, after reconfiguring it for me (left handed) I sat down and started banging away and immediately I was absolutely impressed. The sound of the toms were like cannons. Unbelievable power! And for Basswood shells, I was extremely impressed with the sound and it had stock heads!!

So, needless to say, I will be ordering one these for myself and I am planning on doing a demo video on it!"

So there you have it.. heavy toms and cannon sounding toms make this a favorite here!!

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