Thursday, January 2, 2020

Sabatur Pro Audio is back!

Well, there have been a lot of changes with Sabatur Pro Audio in the past 10 years. There has been change in ownership, change in locations, changes in products, and changes in the customer experience.

As of January 1st 2020, the original owner/ creator of Sabatur Records and Sabatur Pro Audio has regained 100% of the company once again. His goal? To get SPA back to the original business model he started... focus on customer service and get the customer the best price possible.

As some may know, Sabatur Pro Audio was created by a musician and engineer. Originally started as Recording Studio (Sabatur Records) mainly to record and independently release his bands (Sabatur) cd's. Soon after the start of Sabatur Records, it became clear that there was a need to help local bands record their music and help them distribute them. Dick Turcotte spent numerous hours helping local bands (including young teenage members) record their music and teach them how to promote and distribute it.

These same musicians that came in to record, would use equipment in the studio and then ask where they could get one. At this time, we had to keep referring them to other big box stores and such which became a hassle. So, the new goal of Dick Turcotte became reality. He researched and pursued manufacturers and distributors to gain the full dealership access to those same lines he used in and out of the studio.

Sabatur Pro Audio was born! In May of 2005, the original version of Sabatur Pro Audio went live and we continued to add products over the years. Names such as Yairi, Alvarez, Taye, Schecter, Dean, etc...

In 2014,  Sabatur Pro Audio was sold to a business in Nashville which was, at the time, supposed to boost SPA further. Unfortunately, the original model was not carried and SPA went south.

In 2017, Dick Turcotte bought shares of SPA and began the rebuild process. Finally, late 2019, Dick regained 100% ownership and is presently at the head.

So what's coming for SPA? Well, it is still a work in progress to recapture those original products we had. But we are started with some new lines from Hagstrom, Washburn, Natal, Warwick, etc...

We hope to get some of those otjer lines back such as Alvarez Yairi and Taye Drums soon.

Most people in a situation like this would rush to revamp the website and get products on as soon as possible. Sabatur Pro Audio does not, and never has, worked that way. We sell products we believe in, Products we have used, products we have demo'd, products we trust. Our goal is to give the best honest opinion on the lines we promote. We are not going to offer lines that we think is not in the best interest of our customer... and by that we mean, we are going to find those products that give you the best bang for the buck!

So, keep checking Sabatur Pro Audio for some great deals, and keep checking back for the new products coming. I truly thank all my customers, new and returning. You are my focus...

Dick Turcotte
Sabatur Pro Audio
Sabatur Records