Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Taye Drums Double Bass Skull Configurations

So, since we have become an Authorized Taye Drums Dealer... I have been particularly interested in the Tour pro Series with the Skull Graphix Wrap. Being a metal head myself, it just seemed to fit the mood of my playing.

The only problem I saw so far was that it really only displayed in to different 5 piece configurations. Well, that just didn't work for me at all. So, the first chance I got, I picked up a bunch of different components and started putting together some double bass configurations from 6 piece all the way up to 9 piece and I stopped from there!

So here is a picture of the 9 piece configuration:Yep... the MONSTER! So here is the configuration:

22X16 Kicks
8X8 Rack
10X8.5 Rack
12X9 Rack
14X11 Rack
16X16 Floor
18X16 Floor

Now, I would have liked to have seen a 13X10 Rack instead of the 14X11 but unfortunately, the Skull Wrap does not have a 13" Rack! Bummer. But then again, this was my first time using a 14X11 Rack and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised!

First off, I am a big fan of the Tour pro line... it's a very affordable and professionally made line that, in my opinion, will compete with ANY line twice its price! It has a nice warm feel with the Birch-Basswood combination. They are extremely punchy and really make me feel like I am playing a more vintage set. But yet at the same time, I can get numerous different sounds on these things.

So when I sat down to play this setup, after a few minutes of playing and having some lights shine in on the skulls as I played... I found that the Skull Wrap was getting me more into what i was playing! Not too mention the sound I was getting was awesome!

So, I have come to a decision that I personally am keeping one of these 9 PC Monsters for myself!

Now I am not just blowing smoke because I sell Taye Drums... I am telling you that, as an Engineer, Musician, and Drummer.... I am hooked on these things!